Preston Young-

Born and raised in Arizona, Preston has spent his life actively pursuing sports, adventures, culture, nutrition and along the way has met his wife of 2 years, and they have 3 labs together. Living in Tacoma, WA now, they all love to hike, forage, explore the PNW, cook, and continue their adventures together. Preston spent most of his academic time at Arizona State University and received his Bachelors in Wellness & Nutrition. He is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and loves to help people become their strongest version of themselves. Preston’s experience has a vast array of variety ranging from Body Mechanics and Human movement to Strength Development & cardio conditioning. He uses nutrition, and other forms of exercise like, stretching, and mobility to help balance out muscles, and posture that will allow people to achieve their best body form and health that improves the quality of their lives!

Joseph Bell-

Has a background with functional training. Specializes in Strength and Endurance training to get you in shape for outdoor activities involving demanding metabolic conditioning. Hikes, sports, swimming, military training, etc. Has experience working with all age levels.

Isaiah Walter-

Currently I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) with a B.S. Science Degree. I specialize in functional training, strength training, injury prevention, sports performance training, and mobility training. I’ve worked with people with all fitness backgrounds, and currently have clients in the age range of 13-76 and helped them safely and effectively achieve their goals. Additionally, as a former D1 Collegiate football player I have had a lot of experience in the weight room and with injury/post injury exercise for athletes.

I also have a lot of experience with physical therapy, and translate a lot of it into my training and corrective exercise programs. Therefore, I am a great option for people who have just finished physical therapy, but still need a fitness program during and after their recovery period.

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